Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Grass Is Always Greener

Why doesn't my desk look as alluring as this? Even though I basically have the same job this designer from Lilly Pulitzer via Lonny Mag I still envy her. The Lonny article pointed out that all the design work is done in house and how unusual that is these days. I wonder how she feels about designing for a company versus designing her own work? I am very very thankful to have a job in this economy but I still yearn to have control over my own work. I would love to hear your opinion. Would you rather create for a company or work for yourself?
So have you missed me? I have been in a little funk lately. Sorry i have not been posting much. I think I am going to be rethinking this whole blog thing. I was on a good schedule of posting 3 times a week but I think for now I am going to use the blog more for promoting the business. If you want to see what fun things I have discovered on the internet you can always check out my Pinterest boards. Just click on the handy buttons to your right.

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