Monday, June 28, 2010

Camera Face Off

I am lusting for a new camera. I really need a better digital camera that can take photos in low light. So a Canon EOS Rebel XS would be lovely but super expensive especially considering I already have a wonderful Canon Rebel of my dreams. The problem is it is 35mm. I also have my eye on this Diana. It looks like a lot of fun and you can buy a fuji instant back adapter for it. Super silly since I already have a Polaroid camera but I can't help it I still want the Diana. So what do You think? I am always looking for good camera advice.


  1. Experimenting with vintage cameras can be fun but it can also be expensive . But the Diana is adorable so if you have the cash go for it. Adams's Camera shop at Blvd and Broad is a good source for help with vintage cameras. Also those old Polaroids from the 60's with the collapsible body are really fun to play with.

  2. Go for the Diana or a Holga!! Too fun!