Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Treasures from Japan

Today I wanted to share some of the treasures I collected on my trip to Japan several years ago. I feel so bad that they live their lives stuffed in a bag or in a drawer because I feel they are to precious to use or display.
The Shibori pieces are from Arimatsu. Recognize the pattern on the small blue bag? It's design is orinui which means baby's teeth in Japanese. I love how the bag with the red lining has one arm longer than the other and how they fit together.
The little fabric books came with little diagrams of what they look like if you open them up. I have thought about mounting them and displaying them somehow but but I don't have the heart to open them up.
The little skinny bag was a gift from my Japanese friend Emi. It is a indigo woven ikat pattern that her home town is famous for called a splashed pattern.
The little fabric sculpture is from a store in Kyoto. This is a very small version they had hanging from the ceilings that had to be seven feet tall. I just hope if I ever make it back to Japan I can find that store again.

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