Sunday, February 7, 2010

Riki Zarris Prints

Well I finally did it!!!! My Etsy store is open and ready for business. Everyone says you are supposed to space out your listings but it looks so small right now with just the one listing of a set of four 10x10 prints. Come and see for yourself at
I was really stressing out last night working out all the kinks with printing. You don't want to know how much ink and paper was wasted. But it will take some time to get used to having my own business. I am excited to see what sort of images I can make when I am not selling to the Home Decor Industry. In the beginning I will still look pretty mass market but we will see what I have up my sleeve. I don't have to paint sets! Hard to wrap my head around that one. Thank you everyone for reading the blog and taking time to see what I am up to. It really means a lot to me.


  1. Congrats Riki! They look great! Youve gotta use that picture of your kitty on the mantle too...

  2. I had lots and lots of pictures to choose from but ran out of space on the set of four listing. Later this week I will be listing the individual prints and I will put some of his glamour shots up.