Friday, November 6, 2009


Had a few reminders this week of how much I miss Polaroids. first was a new Urban Outfitters catalog that had a Polaroid 779 camera and film set for sale but I think it was just a tease. I found information about it on Dazed Digital. They say it was a limited edition of 700 and I guess they are sold out because they aren't on their web site. They did have a nice looking book about polaroids as a conciliation. And today Sfgirlbybay posted about 'roid week on flickr you should check out her favorites. Mine is of course the first one with the yellow house and the cat. So in my nostalgic mood I finally scanned some of my old polaroids from my grad school days. I had this thing where I would cut off the edges and peal apart the film. Not a good idea! They still reek of chemicals.

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